Registered Cheviots


Freak of Nature- TJA 15031

Pictured 7/2/16 

Sired by "Jeter"
Expectations were high since birth. His dam was the Champion Ewe at the 2011 National Sale and All American Jr. Show. We bought her back from Kyle MacCauley in 2014 along with the rest of his flock. 
He is tall, but he is super straight, real level and square about his hip. He weighed 297 lbs. at the Big E as a yearling. He will be used hard in our program as he is very fault free.

Pictured 6/11/15 (78 days old)




Pictured 3/28/16

Pictured at 6 months old where he was the Champion Ram at the 2015 Big E.

Champion Ram 2016 Indiana State Fair.