Registered Cheviots


Up and Coming


These are lambs and yearlings that we are currently keeping an eye on. These are our prospects that we anticipate to do great things for us in the future. 


We do not plan to show much, if at all in 2017. We are taking the time to fulfill some items on our bucket list this fall.

TJA 16001

(Sired by TJA 13045)

Born 1/1/16

She is a big, long bodied ewe. She was Jr. Champion Ewe at the 2016 Big E

(Pictured 9/21/16)




TJA 16028

(Sired by SFIII)

Born 4/2/16

She is a maternal sister to Freak of Nature. The similarities at this age are scary good.

(Pictured 8/5/16)





TJA 16026

(Sired by Jeter)

Born 3/14/16

She is out of "Dream Girl". She was late maturing like her mother but she has it in full gear now.

(Pictured 10/2/16)




Wind Valley 1517

(Sired by SFIII)

Born 4/2/16

Here is another April ewe that is still growing. We lambed out Darlene and Brian's Cheviots prior to purchasing them and have had our eye on this one since birth. Growthy, well balanced with excellent muscle shape.

(Pictured 6/3/17)





She has grown out to be a very large complete ewe. She is straight and deep from flank to flank.

(Pictured 6/3/17)




She has grown out as expected and she's not quite done growing yet. She's big, super long, correct and well balanced. She could be one of the nicest ewes we have ever raised.

(Pictured 6/3/17)










She has also developed nicely. We love her length and pattern. She's still maturing and filling out.

(Pictured 6/3/17)





TJA 16058

(Sired by Freak of Nature)

Born September 2016

His lambs have tremendous rib, hip and muscle. They are growthy, well balanced and very correct. He wasn't used much for our spring crop due to showing, but based on the performance of his fall lambs he will be used hard in 2017.

(Pictured 6/3/17)