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Special thanks to everyone who helped us show at Indiana and Big E including Jenna, Roger & Grant Sullivan, Chris Hopkins, Brian Mason, Isaac & Taylor Garges, Danny Nemec and Steve Majchrzak. None of our accomplishments would be achievable without the help of good friends.

TJA 14066 - Supreme Champion Ewe at the 2016 Big E.

We were named the Premier Exhibitor at the Indiana State Fair as well as Premier Breeder and Exhibitor at the Big E. We also had the Best headed ram on our other fall ram lamb 15045 at Indiana and at the Big E on 15047.

Champion Ram Indiana State Fair. "Freak Of Nature"

Champion Ewe Indiana State Fair and Big E.

First fall ewe lamb at the Big E. Member of the 1st place pair of ewe lambs at the Big E & Indiana. Full sister to 14066.

This Wind Valley Ewe won the second yearling ewe class. We purchased their flock in the fall of 2015. Counting this ewe, we won every ewe class at the Big E. Their entire show string was sired by our rams. Their flock placed second to us.

Congratulations to Thomas Chapman who had the Reserve Champion Ram at the 2016 All-American Jr. Show with his fall ram lamb which he purchased from us.

Reserve Champion Ram Indiana State Fair & Big E. "TJA 15047"

Junior Champion Ewe - Big E

First place Flock at the Big E & Indiana State Fair.

Special thanks to Grant Sullivan who guided this April ewe lamb to 1st place in the class II late spring ewe lamb class for us.