Registered Cheviots


About Us


We maintain a flock of 65 Registered Cheviot brood ewes. A small base lambs in the fall with the majority lambing in the spring. Our emphasis is placed on raising large framed, three dimensional Cheviots that are stylish, structurally sound with adequate breed character. Our brood ewes graze from late May through early November. We don't tolerate the tall, one gutted, hard doing sheep as they do not thrive in our operation.


We do raise tall sheep, but they maintain more than adequate rib shape and thickness to stay productive. They will consistently cross the scales at heavier weights. We both work away from the farm, so our sheep must be self sufficient at lambing time with good maternal instincts.


We set high standards for our breeding stock we retain, as well as those we sell. We strive to keep the influence of other breeds out of our program, as well as adhering to integrity with birth dates. Our lambs are typically later maturing and have a long growth curve which enables them to reach a larger heavier frame as yearlings. We joke about the saying "out of little acorns big trees grow". This philosophy seems to hold true with our lambs.


While we maintain a show ring presence, we have scaled the number of shows back in recent years, due to our work schedules.


Our farm is located in South Central Pennsylvania. It lies near the Maryland Line in the "River Hills" of the Susquehanna River approximately 45 minutes Southeast of Harrisburg, PA and 45 minutes Northeast of Baltimore, MD.

Cookie - our 7 year old Border Collie.

A group of ewe lambs.