Registered Cheviots


"Hall of Fame"


To be eligible for our "Hall of Fame" the sheep must meet the following criteria:

    1) They must have been bred by us


    2) They must have achieved one of the following:

        a. Been awarded a Champion or Reserve honor at the National Show, National Sale* 

            or N.A.I.L.E.


        b. Produced** a Champion or Reserve winner at the National Show, National Sale or



*National Sale Champion or Reserve Champion Rams must have sold for over $2,000 and Ewes

for over $1,500.


**Rams must have produced at least 2 winners at the National Level or NAILE or have sold over $10,000 of breeding stock.

These qualifications do not automatically earn "Hall of Fame" status, only consideration.




"Super Freak"



"Super Freaky"







Champion Ewe 2006 National Sale & NAILE

(Record selling at $3,750)


Champion Ram 2010 National Sale


Champion Ewe 2011 National Sale ($3,350)


Reserve Champion Ewe 2012 National Sale


Champion Ewe 2013 National Sale

(Tied the Record Selling Price at $3,750)



Sired the following:


National Champion Ewe - NAILE

Reserve National Champion Ewe - NAILE



Champion Ewe - NAILE

Jr. Champion Ewe - NAILE



Reserve Champion Ewe - NAILE



National Champion Ewe - NAILE

National Champion Ram - NAILE



Reserve National Champion Ewe - Wisconsin

Reserve National Champion Ram - Wisconsin

Jr. Champion Ewe - NAILE


Sire of "Super Freaky"


Sired the following:


National Champion Ram - Big E

Reserve Champion Ram - National Sale



Champion Ewe - Big E & K.I.L.E.

Reserve Sr. Champion Ram - NAILE



National Champion Ewe - NAILE
Jr. Champion Ewe - NAILE
Reserve Champion Ewe - National Sale
Supreme Ram MD State Fair & NEYSS


Champion Ram - National Cheviot Sale

Reserve National Champion Ram - Big E


Sold over $20,000 of breeding stock.


Sire of "Gus"








Sired the following:


Champion Ewe - National Cheviot Sale

Champion Ewe - National Cheviot Sale




Sold over $10,000 of breeding stock.











Champion Ram 2006 National Show

Champion Ram 2007 National Sale


Reserve Champion Ram 2010 National Show

"Gus" - Also a HOF Sire


Reserve Champion Ram 2011 National Sale


National Champion Ewe 2012 NAILE



Champion Ram 2014 National Show