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We will not be showing very much if at all in 2017, so there is an opportunity to purchase some of our show string. A few of the sheep below our from the heart of our breeding program and have stud ewe potential. All the sheep shown below were completely shorn in Early March and are pictured on 4/22.



Thank you for everyone's interest. The falls and yearlings have all been sold. In late May or early June we will post some spring lambs for sale.




TJA 16017   (SOLD)

Born 3/4/16

(Sired by Jeter)


She was in our show string in 2016. Bred to be a stud ewe out of our strongest foundation ewe line. She is one of our biggest yearling ewes and the best bred. She was going to be in our show string in 2017. She is one of John's favorite Yearlings. She is super deep ribbed, extremely thick and heavy muscled with a tremendous hip. (QR)



TJA 16021 (SOLD)

Born 3/11/16

(Sired by Jeter)


Her dam is a Gus daughter. She has real dark points and a sharp head.



TJA 16051   (SOLD)

Born 9/1/16

(Sired by SFIII)


Her dam is sired by Tiny Tim and a Gus daughter.



TJA 16052 (SOLD)

Born 9/1/16

(Sired by the Ahart Ram)


Her dam is sired by Super Freaky and out of the Kuykendall Ram.



TJA 16060   (SOLD)

Born 9/8/16

(Sired by Freak of Nature)


Her dam is out of Super Freaky and our old Eldridge Ewe.





TJA 15045 (SOLD)

Born 9/4/15

(Sired by SFIII)


He is double bred Super Freaky. His dam is another one of our top producing stud ewes.

Her grand dam is the mother of Freak of Nature. This ewe was Champion at he 2011 National Sale. She came back to us in the Kyle MacCauley flock purchase. Her pedigree includes the Wilt Ram (Res, Champion ram 2005 NAILE), Buckwheat (2006 National Champion Ram and 2007 National Sale Champion), The Kuykendall Ram (Meca's twin), The Superfreak Line, Gus (2010 Reserve National Champion Ram) & Jeter (2014 National Champion Ram).




She is very up headed with a nice smooth stylish front end. She opens up with a thick top and nice hip. Combine this with her rib and she will make a great brood ewe. She is a stylish, stout ewe. (RR)




Here is a growthy complete ewe lamb. She is well balanced and has a nicely designed hip structure. She is super correct and make a nice addition to someone's flock. (QR) 




She is our thickest and heaviest muscled fall ewe on the farm. She has great top shape and rib. Could make a stud ewe and would look good shown slicked. (QR)




The Eldridge ewe produced our Champion ewe at the 2013 National Sale. Here is an extremely stylish ewe lamb. She is very long bodied with a nice head. (RR)



He was named the best headed ram at the 2016 Indiana State Fair and was a member of our first place pair of ram lambs at Indiana and Big E. He has grown out to be a large framed, deep bodied yearling that ties in neat through his front end. (RR)