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We will not be showing very much if at all in 2018, maybe the Big E. We have a super set of replacement and sale yearling ewes (24 in total). As we have rebuilt our numbers over the last three years we are now able to offer the upper 1/3 of our yearling ewe and falls for sale as well as a few select spring lambs. We have a super young flock again and with numbers up over 60 brood ewes, we should be set to begin selling like we did in the past.


With a busy fall predicted we will be selling our top two yearling ewes and all of our fall ewes and fall rams. We figure someone else can enjoy showing them.

We have consigned to the National Sale in Springfield. These sheep will be under the care of Steve Majchrzak and Lori Goodrich.

 This is a great opportunity to purchase quality sheep with top bloodlines out of the heart of our flock. Our best yearling ewe by far hands down WILL be consigned to the National Sale.


Below are photos of the remaining sheep we have for sale. In early June we will designate the other YE consigned to Springfield and closer to sale time photos of the two January ewe lambs.    


Sold (Champion Ewe - Record Selling at $5,500) 


TJA 17001

Born 1/1/17

Sired by SFIII

(She sells in Springfield - Lot #20)

She is undoubtedly our top yearling ewe and we plan to sell her in Springfield. She is sired by SFIII who is a grandson of Super Freak. The dam of his sire is the twin to our 2006 National Sale Champion ewe that won NAILE for Bridgette Eldridge. Also in his pedigree is our original Kuykendall ram that was Reserve Champion at the 2005 National Sale and Best Headed Ram. On 17001's dam side is straight Kaitlyn Lewis breeding. There are a lot of old productive genetics in this ewe. As you can see, besides being growthy, she's a complete package with a lot of rib shape, a big hip, length of body and a tremendously long neck. This is a stud ewe!

(Pictured above 6/8/18)

(Pictured 4/1/18)







TJA 17009

Born 1/22/17

Sired by Jeter

(She sells in Springfield - Lot #21)

A thick made ewe that is wide topped and bold hipped with nice balance. Also in her pedigree is Buckwheat who was National Champion Ram in 2006 and the 2007 National Sale Champion Ram. This is a nice foundation ewe cut from the heart of our flock. QR

(Pictured 6/9/18)


TJA 18001


Sired by Jeter

(She sells in Springfield - Lot #23)

Here is a long necked, thick made, big hipped ewe lamb. She's bred for the show ring and lambing pen. She balances out very well. Dam is out of a Super Freaky son that won the fall ram class at the 2014 National Show. The rest of her pedigree is Lewis breeding. RR

(Pictured 6/10/18)




TJA 17022

Born 2/22/17

Sired by Jeter

Her dam is 10 years old and still producing in our flock. She is mostly old Lawter breeding.




TJA 17025

Born 2/27/17

Sired by Jeter

Her dam is a Tiny Tim daughter. Super complete and has a wide nicely shaped top.




TJA 17029

Born 3/2/17

Sired by Jeter

She is out of another one of our consistent producing ewes sired by Buck Wheat.




TJA 17034

Born 3/18/17

Sired by Jeter

Very young. Her dam is mostly Kaitlyn Lewis and LO-KE breeding.




TJA 17035

Born 3/18/17

Sired by Jeter

Twin to the ewe above.




TJA 17060

Born 9/5/17

Sired by SFIII

His dam is a Gus daughter and out of an old Super Freak ewe.




TJA 17063

Born 9/7/17

Sired by Jeter

(She sells in Springfield - Lot #22)


Dam is one of our last old producing Super Freak daughter's. Here is a nicely balanced ewe that has a great top, rib shape and is square made. She will make both a show ewe and stud ewe. QR

(Pictured 6/10/18)


TJA 18008

Born 1/14/18

Sired by Cyclone

(She sells in Springfield - Lot #24)

This ewe is late maturing and very green. She wont be the biggest at the sale, but look at the neck on her. She should be one of the biggest yearling ewes a year from now. Do not overlook her. John is very high on this ewe and he's seldom wrong. RR

(Pictured 6/10/18)

She's greener and still filling out. Long bodied, stylish, real level docked. QR

(Pictured 3/11/18)







We also love her rib shape, big bold hip and muscle. A true brood ewe here. QR

(Pictured 3/11/18)




Made very similar to the ewe pictured above. Extremely complete, thick, deep, level and square made. QR

(Pictured 3/11/18)







Very straight made, level docked and stylish. Wide and deep for a young yearling. QR

(Pictured 3/11/18)







She's super long neck and long bodied. RR

(Pictured 3/11/18)






He is our biggest fall ram. Super wide topped, very thick and deep made. He's very correct on his feet with solid bone under him. RR

(Pictured 3/24/18)