Registered Cheviots


Stud Rams


We are extremely selective in the type of stud rams that we purchase and retain. Since 1998, we have only purchased 6 out-cross rams. The remaining rams that we have used are resulting offspring. Photos of those rams are in the previous sires section.

Our stud rams must be massive and large framed. They must have thick tops, big hips, be well muscled and be very deep ribbed. In addition, they must be structurally sound with straight tops and long, clean, extended front ends.


"Super Freak"(TJA 5090) is the ram that put us on the map and is the sire of "Super Freaky", and grandsire of "Gus", "SFIII" and "Jeter". A photo of his sire is also included in the pervious sires section.